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Great fun stop animation music video :D11.13.07

Yeah! This is a really enjoyable video in my opinion. Like the music too actually, positive,
good-feel type of music.  Hope this video is to your liking too.

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GREAT music video, from one of my favorite musicians!09.23.07

I like this jewel game more than bejeweledThis guy is nothing less than a musical genius. He writes such amazing songs, and should be well known to everyone
who likes good music. I am talking about Frank Black, and he has a great sense of humor too, which I think this
music video shows. Really funny but most of all a great great song. Frank Black`s newest album is out too,
its called “Bluefinger” and has lots of good tracks!! A must have album, which I have listened a lot too lately.
So here goes… one of my truly favorite musicians ever. Frank Black. Song is “Headache” :

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Crazy dancing cow =)09.21.07

Hehe, a funny well made video. A bit annoying that cow though.

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HAha! This has to be the funniest kitty music video ever made!09.07.07

It aint often that you will find such a funny song about a innocent little kitty,
thats supposed to be a mean cat. But come on, that cat doesnt look mean at all.
Very well done video though. A must see of the day =)

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And now its Chicken Payback time! ;) (A funny music video)08.31.07

 Hehe, he sure can move. Nice video.

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HAha! Very funny parody of James Blunt - Bloody cold ;)07.12.07

This is a spot on parody, well made.
Dont care if you like James Blunt or not, this is FUNNY ;D

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Vanilla Ice parody, haha funny video ;)07.10.07

The Vanilla Ice guy is funny to begin with, so a parody must be hilarious.

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