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Very clever hidden camera video. Ha-Ha Hilarious !10.26.07

I beleive this is from a german hidden camera show of some sort. Twins sisters are perfect to fool people ;) - Watch more free videos

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Funny Japanese Hidden camera Prank10.22.07

He-he, this video is great. The best part is how they throw that guy up in the air some times,
I bet he was pretty shocked at first. But it looked like fun, if he wasn’t scared or anything,
then I think he enjoyed it. Like you will about this video. I think the idea for this sketch
is taken from the very funny hidden camera show called ”Trigger Happy” by Dom Joly.

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Funny knight comes to life and scares people senseless10.20.07

Hehe! I just think this is an awesome video! Nice way of scaring people, that costume looks real cool also.

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HAhaha! This video is top notch. Very funny, promise =)09.02.07

Guess who has been fired and work at the McDonalds now. Its Letterman and he is messing
around with peoples orders :)

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Heheh! Stuck in a maze, what to do!!? =)09.01.07

Really like this type of vidoes. You just gotta love practical jokes like this.
Wonder what that woman was thinking. My guess is like : ”Hmmm, HUH!?, and What!?” =)

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Candid camera videos are great fun, and this video is cool!08.29.07

Hehe, I bet these people feel a bit uncomfortable, with their situation. The cops look real mean =)

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Extremely funny video ! This is hidden camera at its best!08.25.07

 People getting wet, have always been fun. But this prank, could not have been more
satisfying to watch! GREAT VIDEO, this is a MUST-SEE video ;)

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