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Mobile Commerical12.17.07

 Hehe, not much to say about this one. Other than it is funny ;)

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Funny Swiss Milk commercial12.06.07

Hehe, thats cool. That Cow kicks the ball like Beckham, very nice ad.

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Very funny Pepsi Vs Coke commercial, starring Jackie Chan!11.27.07

Haha. I thought this was a cute commercial. Pepsi taunting Coke, and Jackie Chan
is always fun to watch. Cool guy, great drink. Drink Pepsi.

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Japanese Fanta Commercial11.18.07

Haha this one is pretty funny! Just loved that Bruce Lee guy,
freakin awesome! If only teachers where like this, then going to
school would be so much better!

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How to ruin a romantic moment, and it never fails ;)11.17.07

Hahah this is pretty hilarious. I just love videos where the least
expected thing happens. I would never have guessed this to happen,
which makes this video one of my favorite Beer Commercials seen in a
long time.

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A funny stressful video11.12.07

Haha, I find this commercial simply hilarious! I know how it is to work in such a place,
and it is not fun, I can tell you that. FedEX has made many funny videos, but this one is
maybe my favorite. Enjoy!

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Funny commerical ! Doctor gets kicked in a bad place11.06.07

Haha. As a doctor you would have thought he would have
been prepared for that kind of kick!?

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