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Cool animation video!11.18.07

The people over at Vancouver Film School are really talented, that’s for sure!
The video is cute, entertaining, and extremely well done technically.
Im impressed!

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This is a very cool and funny cartoon / animtation !10.14.07

In my last post Fred Flintstone was mentioned.
Well this is an incredible funny Flintstones parody video! You will laugh
at this! :D

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Hippo and dog cartoon Great Video ;)10.06.07

Hehe, this is an extremely ”Feel good” type of video. Its just makes you smile,
and come on that is an hilarious song also! hehe. No

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Haha, an other great animation video10.05.07

As you can see the unlucky polar bear is back, this time he is really doing something polar
bears shouldn’t even dream to attempt.

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Funny Polar Bear animation10.04.07

This little polar bear always seems to be so unlucky. Hhehe, but that makes it even funnier to watch.
Really liked this video, very well made and fun.

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Polar Bears discussion about global warming09.27.07

Hehe, funny video starring polar bears. You dont see cartoon with polar bears that often, and thats a shame.
Because they are rather funny, wearing clothes and talking about important things too.

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Funny cute and clean animation video09.24.07

Thats one dumb little bird, doesnt think about getting away from there, even when his buddy
gets smashes around like a tennis ball.

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