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Funny Cute Cats ! adorable video12.29.07

Always been more of a cat person, and this video shows way cats are so cool!
Hehe, wow, this video is great. Probably one of the best cat videos on the net really.
It has been viewed like  2,995,349 times, and that is so extreme. You HAVE to
watch this too, if you like cats! Wont regret it.

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A dog, a cat, sharing one basket11.23.07

 Hoho, this is quite an incredible video people. If a dog and a cat can share
basket like this, then there really is hope for peace in the world… Maybe not..
But cute and well edited video anyway..

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Really good cat plays the piano!11.11.07

Wow, that cat has got talent! hehe ok maybe not,
but it is just as good as me on the piano :P

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Hehe, funny cat wrestling11.09.07

It goes to show that cat-fights are very entertaining. I think here it is safe to say,
that the mustard colored won!

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Funny videos that makes you go `ahhhhhh`11.04.07

Here is some incredible cute cats that are having a discussion about some mice they have seen lately, how to stop global warming, and other imortant things :P hehe great video, and a good addition to this blog once again.

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Hehe, another cats video.10.19.07

Just got another cat video I really wanted to show you. I liked that last one so much,
that I couldn’t resist posting another one. Hope you like it too!

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Yeah, its time for some funny crazy cats again :D10.18.07

Haha, I laughed hard at this video. Some very funny cat moments right here people!
So many good clips, makes it hard to pick a favorite. I liked the one with the cat jumping
on that kid though, maybe not a favorite, but anyway it was funny. Please tell me which one
you liked the best.

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