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Ohh!! Extremely good dancing bird!10.29.07

Another video that you have to see in order to beleive it. This bird dance a lot better
that some people I know. Amazing.

Funniest Dancing Bird Ever!!! - video powered by Metacafe

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Worlds smartest Parrot? Cute video anyway ;)10.11.07

Wow, this is ONE clever parrot. But then again I have no idea how difficult it is to train
a parrot to say these things, maybe its easy? I think I could do it..hehe

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Funny cute birds ;)10.09.07

Wanted to show you some more cute and funny birds, so here you have it!
I bet there is a crazy pirate who owns those birds.

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Just a quick update on whats going on here on funny clean videos .info ;)07.08.07

I want to let you know that there are many good plans with this blog
in the future. And those plans are to enhance the funny video experience
in this site.  As you guys and girls can see, I have now implemented a rating
system in the blog. Allowing you to vote for the best videos here, so please
do so! Really appriacte som ratings. And remember, a funny clean video site
is worthless, without people really enjoying the humor here. Lets all watch some
videos now, smile and laugh.

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Hello world And Welcome to an Amazing blog, that will most certainly cheer you up!07.05.07

I like this jewel game more than bejeweledThis is ofcourse my first post on this new and great blog. This is going to quickly become a great site on the world wide web, where all the best funny clean videos will be showned to YOU ;)
I can start with telling my readers what im going to do with this blog. Basically I am going
to find the funniest videos around that also are “clean”. Clean humor can be described as “non-offensive material”.
And that is exactly the meaning with this blog.
I am doing this mainly because, the net have
in many ways become flooded with offensive stuff,
and thats just stupid.

Stay tuned for plenty of cool stuff to come!

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Most amazing Parrot in the world and it has a funny sense of humor too!07.04.07

This little parrot will blow your mind of what you,
thought a little animal could learn from a human.
Truly a “must see funny video clip” here in my blog!

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Hehe, just to show you that the first beatboxing parrot is not just
the only one in the world, who can do this. Here is another great star ;D

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